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Ergo: me.

Mother, are you watching?

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tangled skeins of cytokeratin
19 August 1990
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I'm 22, and in medical school. Writing is my number one de-stressing hobby, and I will be using this journal mainly for that. Cricket is my other major passion, and if you are interested in checking out my rambles about the gentleman's game, I direct you to my Website link, which will lead you to my cricket blog.

I'd been writing fanfiction for several fandoms since I was 13 until Supernatural came along and ate my brain. I've been writing exclusively in the SPN fandom since '08, and expect to keep doing so in the foreseeable future. When it comes to the fandom, I don't venture out a lot. I have my own tiny corner, and I'm pretty happy staying there. :)

My main genres are horror and science-fiction. I'm afraid that reflects in a LOT of what I write.

Aside from fanfiction, this journal will also contain episode-reaction posts, general fangirling (mostly SPN-related), posts about other things I love and obsess over (books, cricket, Doctor Who) general rl whinging, and me being a self-important drama queen. Most of the rl posts are f-locked, though, so I guess this journal is... kinda-sorta-semi-flocked?

I might not be terribly adventuresome, but I love interacting with other people in fandom. Friend me, and I will most likely friend you back. If I've friended you on my own, it's because I think you're awesome. If I haven't, it's because I haven't discovered how awesome you are yet.

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