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Fanfiction Master List

Because I've always wanted to do one of these things. :D

This journal was made primarily to get all my Supernatural fangirling out of the way, so this is all Supernatural fanfiction. (I have written a ton of anime fanfic as a teenager. If you've got a sink and smelling salts at the ready, you can check them out on my FF.N page.)

These fics are mostly gen, unless mentioned otherwise. They tend to be dark and twisty and pretentious, so please heed the warnings under each title. Also, I should probably warn you that most of these fics are un-beta'd. :)


- Contralateral - WIP
Future!fic. Two years after the supposed Apocalypse, Sam and Dean Winchester reunite under unusual circumstances, to once again blur the lines between good and evil, life and death.

AU after 4.19 | Sam, Dean, Ruby, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck, OCs | Angst, Drama | Weirdness and disturbing imagery |

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six
Interlude I: Chuck's Story
Chapter Seven

- Karna - WIP
The first time Sam and Dean met Adam Milligan, it was a few days before the Christmas of '06, and he was a high school student who could set fires with his mind.

AU after 2.10 | Adam, Sam, Dean, Azazel, OCs | Angst, Action, Drama | Swearing, violence |

Chapter One | Chapter Two

- Built To Fall - complete
Dean is resurrected after Sam has broken the final seal and released Lucifer. He comes back to a world on the brink; to a guilt-ridden and demon-blood-addicted brother; to angels pushing him toward a nebulous destiny. Until help arrives from an unexpected source...

s4 + s5 AU | Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel, Zachariah, Lucifer, OCs | Drama, Action, Angst | Violence, gore, swearing, character death, weirdness |

Master Post

- Masala Movie - WIP
Sam and Dean act in a Bollywood movie.

Set in s2 | Sam, Dean, OCs | Humour, Crack, h/c | Swearing, violence |

First Half | Second Half

- Convergence - WIP
Your regular End!verse AU wherein the end of the world is just the beginning of a brand new journey. Except it's not quite that simple.

AU post 5.04 | Dean, Sam, Castiel, OCs | Angst, Drama, Horror | Swearing, violence, gore, character death |

Part One | Part Two

(in chronological order)

- Each Our Own Devil - complete
In a bid to communicate with Lucifer, demons attack Sam and Dean and take one of Sam's eyes. Truths are revealed and the civil wars in Heaven and Hell come to a head as the brothers struggle to cope.

AU after 6.09 | Sam, Dean, Crowley, Meg, Balthazar, Castiel | Horror, Drama, Angst | Blood, gore, violence, mutilation |

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

- Time and Time Again - complete
This was supposed to be easy, routine: Sam's first hunt after getting his soul back. It turns out to be anything but.

AU | Sam, Dean, Samuel, Gwen | Angst, Suspense, Drama | Violence, plentiful blood and gore, weirdness, pov and tense-skipping |

- Brink - complete
It's been five years since he lost his eye and regained his soul in the process. Sam Winchester is on a mission.

AU | Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby | Horror, Angst | Weirdness, disturbing imagery |


(in chronological order)

- By Your Side
For some reason, Sam gets his psychic powers back - but rather than Sam controlling them, Lucifer seems to be able to.

Post 7.07 | Sam, Dean, Lucifer, OC | Horror, Angst | Weirdness, insanity |

- Forever and Always
Sam's coping with his problem. Lucifer helps. Unfortunately, some things don't last forever.

Post 7.07 | Sam, Dean, Lucifer, OC | Angst, Drama | Violence, blood, weirdness |

- Through Every Winter
The boys go on a hunt. Sam's sick. Dean's struggling. Lucifer's there.

Post 7.07 | Sam, Dean, Lucifer | Angst, h/c, horror | Violence, blood, weirdness, slightly disturbing |

- On the Frontline
Sam and Dean have their own ways of dealing with death and grief. Lucifer observes and tries to help.

Set in 7.11 | Sam, Dean, Lucifer | Angst | Mild swearing, weirdness |

- Into the Abyss
Sam trains. Lucifer's proud. Dean's worried.

Post 7.11 | Sam, Lucifer, Dean | Angst, Horror | Gore, torture, weirdness |



Team Free Everything is a cracky AU version of s10, wherein Sam, Castiel, and Gadreel make the eponymous team and do whacky stuff. There’s demon!Dean in there, too. Somewhere.

Basically, it’s SPN if it took itself too seriously.

Post 9.23 | Sam, Castiel, Gadreel, Dean, OCs | Crack, humour | Lots of swearing, some violence |

Team Free Everything

Team Free Everything 2: Electric Boogaloo

Team Free Everything 3: Revenge of Free Will

Team Free Everything 4: Angel: Resurrection


(listed in order of posting on this journal)

- Fade to Grey
Sam Winchester finally meets his destiny.

AU after 5.10 | Sam, Lucifer, Dean | Horror, Drama, Angst | Character death, weirdness, tense and pov-hopping |

- Tread Quietly, Lest We Hear
Dean looks over, watches Sam dying, and thinks it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

AU after 5.22 | Sam, Dean, Samuel, Bobby, Crowley | Angst, Drama | Character death, non-linear |

- I Shall Gift You Death
Love is truth. Love is death. Love is your brother. Everything else is a lie.

AU after 5.22 | Sam, Dean | Horror | Character death, blood, gore |

- Castles of the Dead
"You know, Sam," Adam says, smiling, "I might kill Dean after all."
Sam's powers reach disturbing new levels, and everything - and nothing - changes.

AU-ish tag to 5.14 | Sam, Dean, Adam, Jessica, Castiel | Action, Drama, Angst | Swearing, violence, gore |

- For you're gazing into the opposite side of a mirror
Dean's desperate and angry, and he wants his brother back more than anything. However, that might be even more complicated than he thought.

Tag to 6.05 | Sam, Dean, Samuel, Bobby | Angst | Swearing, weirdness |

- Fray
Sam wanted to tell Jessica the truth... except he wasn't sure if she wasn't already dead. He wasn't sure of anything, any more.

Pre-series AU | Sam, Jessica, Dean | Horror, Angst | Weirdness, insanity |

- Slow Descent
Sam gets his second taste of demon-blood - and it's the best thing he's ever had. Set in 1.22: Devil's Trap. AU or Missing Scene - take your pick.

Tag to 1.22 | Sam, Dean, John, Azazel | Horror, Drama | Swearing, weirdness |

- In this empty space
So this is where Sam really is. It's the last place Dean would've imagined, and yet, he would find it oddly familiar.

AU tag to 6.07 | Sam, Dean, Crowley | Angst, Drama | Violence, blood, gore |

- thamasoma jyothirgamaya
In the afterlife, Sam gets an unexpected companion.

AU tag to 6.07 | Sam, Ruby | Horror, Angst | Utter weirdness, violence, blood, gore |

- The greatest of these ties
Sam's back, but so are his visions: visions in which he sees Lucifer getting ever so closer to reclaiming what was once his. Sam knows he's not getting out of this one, but at least he can save Dean.

s6 AU | Sam, Dean, Lucifer | Angst, Horror, hurt/comfort | Violence, blood |

- These Days of Remembered Glory
Sam's back - not quite in the shape or form Dean would want, and with a price that might be too high for him to pay, but Sam's definitely back, and Dean's not complaining.

AU after 5.22 | Sam, Dean, Lisa | Drama, Angst | Mild swearing, pretty harmless really |

- Inside-Out
"Dean needs Sam to hate him, as much as he hates himself. Needs it like air. But no matter what Dean does to him, no matter how far he goes, Sam just -- won't."

AU after 5.22 | Dean, Sam, Samuel | Horror, Angst | Copious amounts of blood and gore, violence, disturbing imagery |

- The fragile substance of my soul
The wall in Sam's mind is barely holding. Castiel has a solution, but this might end up harming the brothers more than the problem itself... Traumatised!boys with a fair dose of h/c, hell-torture and general ambiguity. Fun!

AU after 6.13 | Sam, Dean, Castiel | Horror, Angst, hurt/comfort | Torture, blood, gore, mental trauma, general weirdness |

- Ruin
Uriel's returned, with his own agenda to restart the Apocalypse. He kidnaps Sam and Dean as a means to this end, but none of them are prepared for what happens next...

AU after 6.16 | Sam, Dean, Uriel, Castiel | Horror, Angst | Torture, lots of blood and gore, violence, disturbing imagery |

- This New World
A hundred years to the day after Death restored his soul, Sam Winchester wakes up. Things have changed.

AU after 6.11 | Sam, OC | Horror | Blood, much disturbing imagery, insanity, non-explicit cannibalism |

- Over cow-corner
Sam and Dean play cricket.

Non-season-specific; one tiny reference to 5.08 | Sam, Dean, Bobby | Humour, Friendship | Very mild swearing, pretty harmless |

- Unravelling
Castiel has become addicted to soul-touching, and Sam's soul? That's something special he can't get enough of. That doesn't make it any more pleasant for Sam.

AU after 6.18 | Castiel, Sam, Dean | Horror, Drama, Angst | Gore, much creepiness, twisted!Cas |

- Weakness
Sam in Hell, redux.

Post 5.22 | Sam, Dean, Lucifer | Horror, Angst | Blood, gore, torture |

- He's Heavy (But He's Still My Brother)
This is one of the many ways a Salt and Burn can go wrong. A.K.A: Dean's not having a good day. Featuring Sam and Dean whump, brotherly bickering and a wee bit of h/c. Fun!

Late s1 | Dean, Sam | Friendship, Humour, hurt/comfort | Mild swearing, violence, some blood |

- Haven
Sam opens a road to redemption for Castiel.

AU after 6.22 | Sam, Castiel, Dean, Bobby | Angst, Drama | Character death, insanity, weirdness |

- In This Alien World
Dean Winchester is on his final mission.

AU post 6.22 | Dean/Alastair, Sam, Jesse | Horror, Drama, Angst | Slash, character death, blood, gore, weirdness |

- Eternity
What if the Cage were timeless, or outside of time, and returning back to time had major physiological and psychological repercussions?

AU after 5.22 | Sam, Dean | Angst, Drama, hurt/comfort | Self-harm, blood, heavy angst, weirdness |

- A Life Less Lived
Death has restored Sam's soul, but all is not well: Sam's wall is cracking, some crazy new spirit's haunting them, and Dean is slowly but steadily losing his mind. Not everything is as it seems, especially when Dean can't tell what's real anymore.

AU after 6.13 | Dean, Sam, Bobby | Horror, Drama, Angst | Blood, gore, insanity, weirdness |

- Fine
Dean knows that Sam's 'coping mechanism' isn't exactly healthy. He does. But he hasn't anticipated just how bad it can get.

AU tag to 7.03 | Sam, Dean, Jessica, OC | Horror, crack | Violence, blood, sorta-kinda-Wincest-but-not-really, weirdness |

- In Your Shadow (I Am Reborn)
After two years-decades-centuries, Sam Winchester returns, irrevocably changed, a perversion of what he once was. He does not mind; he will not have it any other way.

Post 5.22 AU | Sam, Lucifer, Dean, OCs | Horror | Blood and gore, insanity, character death, implied Sam/Lucifer |

- Sickness
Somehow, somewhen, Sam is coming down from demon blood, and no one who could possibly help him is anywhere around. But there are lots of civilians.

Between s3 and s4 | Sam, OCs, Ruby | Horror, Angst | Blood and gore, addiction, violence, vomiting, some disturbing imagery, implied Sam/Ruby |

- All Downhill From Here
Remember when Dean, fresh out of Hell, mentioned wanting to watch some movie at the theater and Sam said he already saw it? Ruby wanted to see that movie and she dragged Sam along.

Between s3 and s4 | Sam/Ruby | Angst, Romance | Swearing, weirdness |

- Split
If Sam hallucinates being possessed, then for all practical purposes, he actually is possessed. Just a little more difficult to trap or exorcise.

Post 7.02 | Sam, Dean | Horror | Violence, blood and gore, insanity, weirdness |

- Belong
The world ends every time Sam falls asleep.

Set s7 | Sam | Horror, Angst | Blood, violence, abuse, mentions of non-con, torture, weirdness, excessive pronouns |

- arindhum ariyamalum
Dean and Sam never grew up together. It doesn't mean that they aren't still pawns in a cosmic endgame, and, despite spending a lifetime apart, that they aren't still brothers.

s1-s5 AU | Dean, John, Sam, Missouri, Ruby, Zachariah, Lucifer, Michael, OCs | Drama, Angst | Swearing, violence, blood, gore, character death, one non-explicit allusion to rape |

- Mephistopheles is Just Beneath
Sam is accidentally dosed with demon blood and has to endure withdrawal once again. Except, this time, Dean decides to go through it with him.

Post 5.18 | Sam, Dean, OC | Angst, Horror, hurt/comfort | Swearing, violence, blood, gore, all of the withdrawal-associated nastiness |

- Cycle
Dean and Castiel do their best to try and keep Sam alive while they desperately search for ways to cure him. Nothing's ever simple, but this isn't the first time they've battled against great odds.

AU tag to 7.17 | Dean, Sam, Castiel, Daphne | Horror, Angst, Drama, hurt/comfort | Swearing, some violence, ambiguous ending, weirdness |

- Painting With Shadows
Lisa's life is full of vestiges of people that never existed. Until the young woman in leather shows up at her door.

Post 6.21 | Meg/Lisa, Ben | Horror | Swearing, dub-con, disturbing themes, non-explicit sex |

- Outside, Looking In
Adam Milligan is not a Winchester, and he is very grateful for this fact.

Post 5.22 | Adam, Michael, Sam | Angst, Horror, Drama | second-person Adam pov, mild swearing, weirdness |

- neoplasia
Sam was, and Sam... wasn't.

Tag to 9.01 | Ezekiel, Sam, Dean | Angst, Horror | fairly harmless |

- Locus
There are five little outcasts in a hole in the middle of America... (although Sam's pretty sure there's a sixth.)

AU tag to 9.03 | Sam, Dean, Ezekiel | Horror, Drama | Swearing, gore, some violence, serious mind-fuckery |

- chrysalis
Sam and Castiel find each other, and it isn't profound, or tragic, or beautiful. They prefer it that way.

Set s9 | Sam/Castiel | Drama, Angst, Romance | Very minimal swearing, a lot of awkwardness |

- Traitor
Castiel is sent to Hell to rescue Dean Winchester and kill his brother, the Boy King. What he finds, instead, changes everything.

Post s3 AU | Sam/Castiel | Horror, Drama | Some disturbing imagery |

- Puppetmaster
The universe could do with two queens.

Nebulous s9 setting | Abbadon/Ava | Horror | Disturbing imagery |

- Zir Noco Iod Gadreel
You are alone, angry, in agony, free, Ezekiel, human, Sam, a hero. You are Gadreel.

Set s9 | Gadreel, Sam, Dean | Angst, Drama | Second-person pov, some violence, references to torture |

- Broken
Dean's completely surrendered to the will of the First Blade, and Sam pays the price.

9.16 AU | Dean, Sam, Magnus, Crowley | Horror, Drama, Angst | Disturbing imagery, graphic torture, violence, some swearing |

- Legacy
John Winchester is resurrected. He reunites with his children, and quickly wishes he hadn’t.

Post 9.17 | John, Dean, Sam | Drama, Angst | Some swearing |

- Blood and Water
Crowley dreams, these days.

Post 9.16 AU | Sam/Crowley, Ruby | Drama, Horror | Pretty harmless, really |

- Redux
And the Winchesters go round and round and round...

Post 9.13 AU | Dean, Sam, mention of Castiel | Angst, Horror, Drama | Swearing, abuse, mental health issues |

- Wherein Gadreel Gets A Promotion (And Overidentifies With His Job)
What it says on the tin.

Set around 9.18 | Gadreel, Metatron, Sam | Angst, Drama | Pretty harmless |

- Conversations
A series of telephone conversations between Ennis Ross and Sam Winchester.

Post 9.20 | Ennis, Sam | Angst, Humour | Some swearing, dialogue-fic |

- Untitled
These are the things they don't talk about.

General setting; mild s8 spoilers | Sam, Dean | Angst | Some medically graphic descriptions |

- Assorted SPN drabbles
Four drabbles across seasons and genres, featuring Sam, Dean, Sam/Amelia, Sam/Gadreel, and Sam/Ruby

s4 - s9 | Sam, Dean, Gadreel, Amelia, Ruby | Angst, Romance, Horror | Some swearing, some gore |

- The Samelia Project
Five drabbles featuring Sam/Amelia, across seasons, both canon and AU.

s8, s10 AU | Sam/Amelia | Romance, Angst | Mild swearing |

- Damage Control
Sam and Dean, in the middle of nowhere, in the aftermath of another tragedy. It's in these quiet, in-between moments that Sam realises how lost he really is.

s10 | Sam, Dean | Tragedy, Angst | Mild swearing, some blood |

- Carry You
Sam's sick from the Trials. Dean tries to help.

Post 8.20 | Sam, Dean | Angst | Vomit, blood, some swearing |

- Monument
Sam chases his brother like he once chased Crowley; at Dean's 'let me go', he can only look at the rooms he's sealed himself into and think, I don't know how to fight my way out anymore.

Post 9.23 | Sam, Dean | Horror, Angst | disturbing imagery, weirdness |

- now i lay me down to sleep
Sam and Dean are immortal now. Yeah. It's that simple, and that complicated.

AU post 1.18 | Sam, Dean | Horror | Torture, violence, reference to suicide and suicidal ideation

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