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Because I've always wanted to do one of these things. :D

This journal was made primarily to get all my Supernatural fangirling out of the way, so this is all Supernatural fanfiction. (I have written a ton of anime fanfic as a teenager. If you've got a sink and smelling salts at the ready, you can check them out on my FF.N page.)

These fics are mostly gen, unless mentioned otherwise. They tend to be dark and twisty and pretentious, so please heed the warnings under each title. Also, I should probably warn you that most of these fics are un-beta'd. :)

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I've been spending this whole morning feeling really really guilty, so while I won't be using this journal/writing SPN anymore, I've decided not to delete this journal. It's been a fantastic two and a half years and I hope to still stay in touch with you all.
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A bit of an announcement.

Finished my final exams--starting as an intern next month. :)

I did delete this journal yesterday, but I figured it'd only be fair to give prior notice. I am deleting this journal in 24 hours. My SPN fics will still be on FF.N (apart from thamasoma jyothirgamaya and the By Your Side 'verse, which I will upload shortly), and Ao3 (which I haven't updated since Dec 2011, but I'll be working on having it up to date over the next week). Apart from that, I'll still be on tumblr from time to time, and my duckondebut journal will be updated if and when I have fic to contribute to House MD and Chicago Fire.

I don't expect to write for SPN again, though who knows about the future?

Cheers. :D

Long time.

I just finished the theory part of my final med exams yesterday--clinicals start a week from now. It's been bit of a surreal month--I spent 95% of it cooped in my room studying, only coming out for the occasional meal or when my parents or brother would visit and remind me that yes, the outside world does exist. I kind of lost track of the days--I'd study for a few hours, take a break to look at pretty pictures on tumblr (I have an account on tumblr now!) or the latest from Chicago Fire, then hit the books again. My roomie was kind enough to pack food for me from all the meals I missed, because she is awesome and brill and I thank all of my lucky stars that I ended up with her.

But I have a couple days' break before I get back to that routine, so! How're you guys?

This is fun.

So I found this text generator and turned it on this LJ and

(seriously, how did they create that portal? Humans zapping into Purgatory--can't be an awesome weapon, and, no, Ruby, I'm not talking to yourself is a terrible liar. Boo. About the Chase/Cameron... it was real slow going. I jumped into this book definitely deserves at least one more thing: the Sambacks were my favourite parts of Sam's psyche for control of Sam's body, and I enjoyed it" and the images disappear. "And what was happening, he was off , somehow (when I first watched it I thought SPN tries too hard. House is less a character now, and more powerful than

This is entirely true.  ENTIRELY.

soldiers to its cause, after all. At least, it wasn't due to the floor like that. You've literally thrown Sam and Dean were nothing more than slightly drunk. THAT IS MY EXCUSE OKAY. Outside, Looking In Did you just hear something? SAM: Nothing wrong with my hair. (louder) I'm not talking to you. LUCIFER: I agree. SAM (shifts uncomfortably): He pulls out what looks like a eunuch in a way, Sam in s4? Robo!Sam in s6? Enough, Show. Just enough. That Sam doesn't even make an effort to look for pity. I love it! Even if it was rather psyched

This is probably the most relevant Sam meta I've written. In that I've never written meta. And--wtf? When I have ever mentioned the word "eunuch"?

beneath his boots as he delivers his scathing analyses of their personalities and opinions from High On Above. We only see glimpses of the line that Show sadly never explored. Lucifer is interesting, however, is how your brother—covered in blood and grime—has managed to fend for himself without the Winchesters so that they'd get power and athletic prowess. Of course, you don't say any of its characters. My thanks to minviendha for giving Jack a chance despite the weirdness of having a headache about now. Chicago Fire . It's... "earnest" is the only thing that helps you sleep at night.

Heh. The scary thing is HOW COHESIVE THIS IS.

Natasha Romanov, a Russian who speaks very laboured Hindi, beseeches him to come to appreciate it for Dean, because hey, it's Dean. I wonder if it'd be worth a hell of a turn-on. Other irresistible English accents include the 9th Doctor's (God, I miss Sam and Dean didn't protest more. I guess not. So... he spent a year ago after an accident. Dean wants the name of the world who knew how to fight them, Sam didn't feel responsible for at least in the middle of a church in my icon), who scored a duck on debut means to close

I love the first sentence.

triad—he's now officially inducted into the heart to pieces. Was positively blubbering at the very thought sends a strange sort of crazy photoshopped thing with some random bitch when you've got me mad was this: we have a good thing I had to wonder, "really? That was a purpose, a goal. Monsters to kill. A friend and a video starts playing. 8.02: What's Up, Tiger Mommy? SAM: So... Brick Holmes was actually pretty funny. LUCIFER: Yeah, regular comedians, you two. SAM: Turns out it's a miracle that so many things rattling around in a box. Sam Winchester is blindingly magnificent".

Yes. Yes, he is.

bitch, yes—but she's outlived her usefulness. You're regressing , Sam." Ruby comes to Dean—but that's stupid . You two have managed to salvage that many organs. He lived near Boulder, so that's where it'll go. I already have a new leader," she says again. Meg leans in, whispers, “and this is unhealthy.) But! SPN is frustrating, emmram is whinging, news at 11, right? Oh, and! I was casting about for articles on the "everything has to snap him out of physical pain—you’re pretty sure that Dean keeps saying, “Benny was a better brother than you've ever been!" OKAY. ZIP IT.


And zip it I shall.

In which I branch out.

I have a new journal! duckondebut is for fannish stuff in fandoms that, well, aren't Supernatural (shocker, I know). I've recently gotten really into House MD and Chicago Fire, so that's where it'll go.

I already have a CF fic written--about five minutes after finishing it, I realised this was the first non-SPN thing I've written and completed in four years. I didn't know whether to be happy or slightly unnerved.

The name refers to cricket! To score a duck on debut means to get out without scoring any runs in your very first match. More specifically, it refers to Mahendra Singh Dhoni (the magnificent man in my icon), who scored a duck on his international debut. Now, well, he's a World Cup winning captain and one of the best limited overs batsmen out there. IDK IT JUST AMUSES ME OKAY.

So... there's that.
gun boys

Insta-thoughts on SPN 8.07 + CF 1.06


Diwali is done! Didn’t burst any crackers this year but had lots and lots of glooooorious food—I justified all the hogging I did by asserting that I needed to get ready for all the weight I’m going to lose over the next two months. OH GOD I’M NOT READY NOT REALLY

Still working on those recaps. Meanwhile, insta-thoughts! Because opinions.

Starting with Supernatural! SPOILERS under the cut. Warning: it's a bit picture-heavy.

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Chicago Fire! I know nobody really cares about this one, and it's so cliched and OTT, but I kind of love it with all my heart. Was legit more excited about CF than SPN this Wednesday.

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